luni, 28 februarie 2011

Sato Shizuya Sensei passed away.....

A note from the American Embassy Judo Club, Tokyo*** I regret to inform you that Sato Shizuya Sensei passed away on 25 February 2011*** Sato Shizuya Sensei (1929–2011)*** Chief Director, Kokusai Budoin International*** Hanshi 10th Dan Nihon Jujutsu*** Hanshi 9th Dan Judo*** Shihan U.S. Embassy Judo Club, Tokyo, Japan*** Sato Sensei will be fondly remembered by numerous men, women and children around the world for a life dedicated to the promotion of traditional Japanese martial arts both in Japan and internationally, through directing the U.S. Embassy Judo Club, and leading workshops, seminars and other endeavors undertaken by Kokusai Budoin, IMAF in numerous countries throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas during a career spanning more than fifty years.

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