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Seegrotte - the largest underground lake in Europe

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liviu badescu spunea...

The Seegrotte is a large underground lake, situated not far from Vienna in the village of Hinterbrühl. The Subterranean Lake is an important historic site. The Subterranean Lake is actually an old mine. By the end of 1800, it was used to make red and white plaster. In 1912, a blast released millions of gallons of water and flooded the lower caverns of the mine. Due to this, the largest underground lake in Europe was created. In the 1930s, a team of cave explorers found the lake, and finally managed to open the mine for the public.
During World War II there was located a factory for the production of combat aircraft, in the mine. The first jet fighter in the world (Heinkel He162) was constructed there.

Ileana spunea...

Multumesc pentru scurta lectie de istorie/geografie. Fotografiile sunt, ca de obicei, deosebite.Daca-mi permiti o mica "critica": pui prea mult suflet romanesc in tot ce faci, descrierile in engleza sunt OK, dar parca fura din savoare...Parerea mea.